The Two Bags

Men are born with two bags; one in front carrying neighbor’s faults and one behind carrying their own faults.

Men see other’s faults but not their own.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

Every man, according to an ancient legend, is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck: all bags in front full of his neighbors’ faults, and a large bag behind filled with his own faults. Hence it is that men are quick to see the faults of others, and yet are often blind to their own failings.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection (Jupiter’s Two Wallets )

When Jupiter made Man, he gave him two Wallets — one for his neighbour’s faults, the other for his own. He threw them over the Man’s shoulder, so that one hung in front and the other behind. The Man kept the one in front for his neighbour’s faults, and the one behind for his own; so that while the first was always under his nose, it took some pains to see the latter. This custom, which began thus early, is not quite unknown at the present day.

1001Prometheus et Manticae Duae

De deis unus Prometheus fuit, et de primoribus etiam. Illum finxisse ferunt dominum animantium ex humo hominem, cui duas suspendisse dicunt manticas humanis refertas malis, anticam alienis, propriis posticam, eamque multo ampliorem. Idcirco homines in aliorum malis cernunt acutum, quae autem habent domi nesciunt.

Perry #266