The Lion, The Mouse, and The Fox

A Lion was asleep when a Mouse ran over his mane waking him. He searched for the Mouse not out of fear but because of his familiarity and ill-breeding.

Small liberties can be large offenses.

A Lion was asleep in his den. A Mouse ran over his mane and woke him. He rose up and searched his den for the Mouse. A Fox, seeing this, chided the Lion about fearing a little Mouse. “It’s not the Mouse I fear,” said the Lion, “it’s his familiarity and ill-breeding.”

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A Lion, fatigued by the heat of a summer’s day, fell fast asleep in his den. A Mouse ran over his mane and ears and woke him from his slumbers. He rose up and shook himself in great wrath, and searched every corner of his den to find the Mouse. A Fox seeing him said: “A fine Lion you are, to be frightened of a Mouse.” “Tis not the Mouse I fear, “said the Lion; “I resent his familiarity and ill-breeding.”


Little liberties are great offenses.

1001Leo, Mus, et Vulpes

Leo cum olim dormiret, per os eius mus forte discurrit. Tum ille, consurgens, quaquaversum circumagebatur, eum quaeritans qui inde transierat. At vulpes, eum conspicata, graviter obiurgabat quod leo nimirum cum esset, murem pertimuisset. Cui ille “Ego vero,” respondit, “de eius voluntate tantummodo irascor.”


Haec profecto docent quod prudentes homines ne parva quidem negligere debeant.

Perry #146