The Generous Lion

A Lion was with its kill. A thief demanded half but the Lion made him go away. A traveler, respecting the Lion, left but was called back for a share. Respecting strength can yield rewards.

The Travelers and The Plane-Tree

To the dismay of a Plane-Tree some men sitting under its shade talked badly about it. They got corrected. Some men underrate their best blessings.

The North Wind and The Sun

The wind and the sun bet on which can force a man to remove a coat. The sun wins. Kindness effects more than severity.

An Astrologer and A Traveller

An Astrologer stumbled into a ditch while doing observations. A passer-by advised that the Astrologer should watch the ground more closely. Duh! Do not trust a fortune teller.

Mercury and A Traveller

A Traveler bargained safe passage with Mercury for half of any findings. He found nuts and dates and ate both leaving pits and shells for Mercury. Peoples’ actions toward the gods differ from their words.

An Imposter to The Oracle

A fellow tried to trick the Oracle by holding a bird under his coat and asking if it was alive or dead. The Oracle said it was whatever the man wanted. Do not mock the gods.

Truth and The Traveler

A Traveler met Truth and asked why Truth was in the country. Truth said that while before there were few liars in the city, now there are many. Falsehood is with all men.

The Boy Bathing

A Boy was in danger of drowning and asked for help. The bystander berated him for being in the river. Boy asked that he help now and criticize later. Counsel without help is useless.

The Apes and The Two Travelers

An Ape king arrayed other apes around him. One traveler said he was a good king with good companions. The other said he was a good Ape. The truth enraged. The truth often hurts.

The Crow and The Raven

The Crow was jealous of the Raven who’s cry was taken as an omen. Crow tried to mimic the Raven but travelers saw through the ploy and ignored the Crow. Those who assume a character which does not belong to them, only make themselves ridiculous.