Two Travellers of Differing Humours

Two Travelers of different humours were walking. The one with bad thoughts, while practicing the possibility of blindness, missed a purse of gold. Too bad!

Better to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

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There were two Men together upon a journey, of very different humours. One went despondingly on, with a thousand cares and troubles in his head, exclaiming every now and then, “Whatever shall I do to live!” The other jogged merrily along, determined to keep a good heart, to do his best, and leave the issue to Fortune. “How can you be so merry?” said the Sorrowful wight. “As I am a sinner, my heart is ready to break, for fear I should want bread.” And then, shortly after, said he, “What a dreadful thing it would be if I were struck blind!” and he must needs walk on ahead with his eyes shut, to try how it would seem if that misfortune should befal him. His Fellow-traveller, coming after him, picked up a purse of gold which he, having his eyes shut, had not perceived; and thus was he punished for his mistrust, for the purse had been his if he had not first willingly put it out of his power to see it.