The Traveler and Fortune

A person slept by a well. Fortune, not wanting to be blamed for a drowning, saved the person from folly. Everyone is more or less master of his own fate.

The Ass and His Shadow

A Traveler hired an Ass. The day was hot and the Traveler sat in the shadow of the Ass. The Owner argued he didn’t hire the shadow. Ass left as they argued. In quarreling about the shadow we often lose the substance.

The Seaside Travelers

Seaside Travelers waited by the shore for a boat they saw in the distance to land. When it did they saw it was only a load of wood. Disappointment! Our mere anticipations of life outrun its realities.

The Traveler and His Dog

A Traveler was ready for a trip and found his Dog by the door waiting for him. Dog had gotten ready first. The slacker often blames delay on the more active.