The Lioness

Beasts, especially the Fox, were kidding a Lioness about having but one baby a year while they had many. She pointed out that baby was a lion. Lioness won. Value is in the worth, not in the number.

The Fox and The Sick Lion

A sick lion called others to his cave. Many went in but none came out. Latecomers refused to go in. Smart! The wise learn from misfortunes of others.

The Lion, Ass and Fox

An Ass and a Fox partnered but when a Lion came the Fox said he would lead the Ass to a pit for the Lion. Lion agreed. Fox did it. Lion killed Fox first. We love treason, but hate the traitor.

The Kingdom of The Lion

The Lion set up a kingdom where he proclaimed that all animals should live together in peace. The Hare observed he wanted that but ran for his life instead. Nature will out.