The Goat and The Vine

A Goat hid in a vineyard until danger passed. He then nibbled on the vines who got indignant and made noises to bring the hunters back. Bye-bye Goat! Ingratitude is dangerous.

The Astronomer

An Astronomer while concentrating on the stars managed to fall into a well. A neighbor pointed out he should keep his feet on the ground. Keep one eye on the ground.

The Boy and The Nettles

A boy brushed a Nettle and was stung. His mother told him it had stung him because he brushed it. Grasp it boldly and it will not hurt you. Whatever you do, do it with all your might.

The Boy and The Filberts

A Boy grasped as many Filberts in a pitcher he could hold. His hand became stuck; a bystander pointed out he should not be so greedy to get his hand out. Greed leads to trouble.

The Thirsty Pigeon

A thirsty Pigeon saw a glass of water on a sign. She flew toward it and slammed it and broke her wing and consequently was caught by one of the bystanders. Act in haste and repent at leisure.