The Two Lizards

Two Lizards were talking. One complained about low status compared with the Stag. Dogs came and killed the Stag. The other Lizard pointed out the irony.

Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.

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Two LizardsAs two Lizards were basking under a south wall, “How contemptible,” said one of them, “is our condition! We exist, ’tis true, but that is all; for we hold no sort of rank in the creation, and are utterly unnoticed by the world. Cursed obscurity! Why was I not rather born a Stag to range at large, the pride and glory of some royal forest?” It happened that, in the midst of these unfinished murmurs, a pack of hounds was heard in full cry after the very creature he was envying, who, being quite spent with the chase, was torn to pieces by the dogs in sight of the two Lizards. “And this is the lordly Stag whose place in the creation you wish to hold?” said the wiser Lizard to his complaining friend. “Let his sad fate teach you to bless Providence for placing you in that humble situation which secures you from the dangers of a more elevated rank.”