The Hart and The Vine

Do not mistreat those who help you. A Hart (stag) hides from hunters in vines. The Hart starts to nibble on the vines and gives himself away. Too bad. Do not mistreat those who help you.

The Bull, The Lioness, and The Wild-Boar Hunter

A Bull killed the cub of a Lioness who complained bitterly about it. A Hunter chided her as she had killed many young of others. Turnabout is fair play. Don’t complain about things you yourself have done.

The Fox and The Woodcutter

A Fox sought and was granted shelter in a home. Huntsmen asked about the Fox; the owner denied seeing one but pointed at the house. Fox lucky signal missed. Conscience is as answerable for actions as words.

The Hunter and The Woodman

A timid Hunter was looking for Lion spoor. A Woodman offered to show the Hunter the Lion but the Hunter declined saying he was just looking for tracks. The hero is brave in deeds as well as words.

The One-Eyed Doe

A doe with one eye thought she was safe eating while looking shoreward but then missed the archer in the boat. Oh my! You cannot escape your fate.

The Stag in The Ox-Stall

A stag, fleeing, hid in a stable by burying itself in the hay. Stag left a horn showing and the Master saw. No more stag. Nothing escapes the master’s eye.

The Huntsman and The Fisherman

A Huntsman and Fisherman met and decided to exchange what each caught. They kept doing this until a neighbor pointed out they might like what they caught. Abstain and enjoy.