The Lion, The Bear, The Monkey, and The Fox

The Lion summoned many to his den. Bear thought it reeked and was killed for his observation. Monkey said otherwise and was killed. Fox demurred and lived. Watch what you say in the presence of greater power.

The Wild and Tame Geese

Two tame Geese joined a group of wild Geese. A Fox approached and all the Geese took wing. The tame, however, were not used to flying. Fox’s supper! Be prepared for anything.

The Wolf and The Fox

A Fox wanted to be like a Wolf. He donned a Wolf’s skin and was taught by a Wolf. As food walked by a Cock crowed and the Fox reverted to be himself. True nature will out.

The Fox, The Wolf, and The Horse

Fox and Wolf approached a Horse to introduce themselves and assess the prey. Horse said his name was on his hoof. Fox demurred, Wolf got kicked. Smart Fox. Friends may turn on you.

The Fox and The Cock

A Fox caught in a trap asked a passing Cock to get a stick so he can get out of the trap. Smart Cock brought the farmer who had the stick. Bye Bye Fox. Sweet talk doesn’t always work.

The Fox in The Well

A Fox fell into a well and could not get out. A Wolf came by and started to ask questions and feel sorry for the Fox. Fox would rather have had a rope. Stick to the subject in order to get things done.

The Lion, The Fox, and The Wolf

A sick Lion was attended by Wolf and Fox. Wolf said the Fox had been gone plotting. Fox returned saying he found a cure: the pelt of a Wolf. Bye Wolf. Plot against others and fall into a trap of your own making.

The Ass’s Brains

A Lion and Fox hunted together. An Ass was killed for supper. Fox was to guard but got hungry and ate the brain. Lion angry. Fox explained no brain if here. Wit has always an answer ready.

The Fox and The Mosquitoes

A fox rationalizes that he’d rather full mosquitoes bother him than hungry ones. There were politicians in Aesop’s time.

The Eagle and His Captor

An Eagle was caught and had his wings clipped. A neighbor bought the Eagle and let his wings grow out. A Fox cautioned the Eagle about paying tribute. Favor those who do you kindness.