The Goat And The Fox

A Goat and Fox argued. Goat bet its beard it was right. It was wrong and a Monkey shaved the beard and gave it to the Fox. Have honor and pay your debts.

The Hunted Fox

A Fox hunted for depredations on poultry was discovered and escaped only after severe blows. He complained to Foxes about the beating he clearly deserved. It is easy to complain about things done to you but hard to remember those you have done.

The Fox and The Pheasants

A Fox came upon Pheasants in a tree. Fox went into a big dance and show and performed until the Pheasants became confused and dropped to Fox’s supper. Too much attention to danger may cause us to fall victims to it.

The Farmer and His Three Enemies

A Farmer caught a Wolf, Fox and Hare and heard each story of why they were on the farm. Hare was honest; the other two arrogant. Hare only went free. The truth may set you free.

The Lion and The Echo

A Lion was disturbed by another Lion’s voice but was only an Echo of himself. A Fox pointed this out. No more fears. moral

The Hunter, The Fox, and The Tiger

A Hunter dug a pit in front of a Fox’s den and put food in the pit. Fox, suspecting a trick avoided the pit. A Tiger did not and fell in. Hunter surprised! Look before you leap.

The Fox and The Cat

A Cat and Fox were moralizing about how bad killing was. On arrival at their destination a fat Cock and Mouse changed their minds. It is a common habit among men to talk of what is right and good, and to do what is quite the reverse.

The Plague Among The Beasts

The Beasts suffered a plague. A tribunal was to judge the most evil who would be sacrificed. The Ass, who did little wrong, was condemned and eaten. Ouch! If you must be judged, make certain it’s before a fair judge.

The Two Foxes

Two Foxes raided a hen-roost killing all. The Young Fox ate all he could until he died. The Old Fox saved for the next day but was killed on return. Every age has its peculiar vice.

The Fox, The Weasel, and The Rabbit

A Rabbit was safe from a Fox. He felt different when a Weasel teamed with Fox. Weasel chased him from the hole and Fox snared and shared him. Yum! Sometimes an alliance is needed to perform a task properly.