The Wolf and The Ass

A new Wolf ruler was suggesting everyone share everything when an Ass made it clear he should also share the Sheep he had hid away. Ooops! Trust but verify.

The Wolves and The Sick Ass

Wolves hearing an Ass was sick came to the stable and asked about her health. The young Ass told them her mother was better than they hoped for. Don’t believe all rumors.

The Ass Eating Thistles

An Ass carrying goods to the field stopped and ate a Thistle. While most would question this, the Thistle is a favorite of the Ass. People enjoy what they enjoy.

The Lion, and The Asses and Hares

A beast/bird war broke out. Asses and Hares came to the field. The Lion, instead of dismissing them, said the Asses could trumpet and Hares carry letters. Everyone can be of use in war.

The Boar and The Ass

A Boar was insulted by an Ass but wisely avoided conflict with nothing more than a curt comment. The impudent sometimes escape the effects of their impudence.

The Ass’s Brains

A Lion and Fox hunted together. An Ass was killed for supper. Fox was to guard but got hungry and ate the brain. Lion angry. Fox explained no brain if here. Wit has always an answer ready.

Asses to Jupiter

Asses complained to Jupiter about being overworked. As a joke, Jupiter told them to piss in a river to lighten their load. To today when one pisses all do. Tis madness and folly to appeal to providence and nature.

The Ass, The Dog, and The Wolf

An Ass was grazing while master slept. Dog wanted its meal; Ass declined. A Wolf came upon the Ass who asked the Dog for help. Help declined. Bye, bye Ass. Give good advice as you may also have to follow it.

The Ass and The Enemy

Your reasons are not mine. A soldier tries to get his ass (donkey) to move but it won’t as it sees no benefit. The enemy is probably not as cruel. Your reasons are not mine.

The Man, The Boy, and The Donkey

A man tries to take the advice of many different people regarding his donkey and ends up with the worst of the deal. Please all, and you will please none.