The Master and His Dogs

In the midst of a storm the Dogs watch their Master kill his Sheep, Goats, and Oxen in order to sustain himself. The Dogs decided to be safe and leave! He is not to be trusted as a friend who mistreats his own family.

The Two Dogs

A Hound berated a House Dog for getting a large share of the kill on the Master’s return. The House Dog replied it was not his fault; talk to the Master. Children are not to be blamed for the faults of their parents.

The Huntsman and The Fisherman

A Huntsman and Fisherman met and decided to exchange what each caught. They kept doing this until a neighbor pointed out they might like what they caught. Abstain and enjoy.

A Man Bitten By The Dog

A Man bitten by a Dog was advised to feed the Dog bread soaked in the wound. Others pointed out what a bad idea it was to give the Dogs an appetite for Man. It is unwise to reward when one should punish.

The Shepherd and The Wolf

A Shepherd raised a Wolf to steal from neighbors. The Wolf was grateful but warned the Shepherd to be even more cautious now. False men cannot be trusted.

The Wolves and The Sheep

Wolves convinced the Sheep they would be better off without the guard Dogs which they dismissed. Should not have done that; the Sheep are now eaten. A foolish peace is more destructive than a bloody war.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A Wolf found a Sheep’s pelt and wore it to blend in with the flock. Worked for awhile until the Shepherd noticed. No more Wolf! Seek to harm and harm shall find you

The Dog in The Manger

People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves. A dog sleeping on hay would not let other animals eat from the hay. People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.

The Fawn and His Mother

A Fawn questioned larger deer about why they flee a Dog when they are so much bigger. Nobody could answer; it was just in their nature the Fawn was told. A coward by nature will always be a coward.

The Traveler and His Dog

A Traveler was ready for a trip and found his Dog by the door waiting for him. Dog had gotten ready first. The slacker often blames delay on the more active.