A Dog, A Sheep, and A Wolf

A Dog brought court action against a Sheep for wheat borrowed but not returned. Three false witnesses testified and the Sheep lost but did nothing wrong. Justice demands a fair court hearing.

The Ass, The Dog, and The Wolf

An Ass was grazing while master slept. Dog wanted its meal; Ass declined. A Wolf came upon the Ass who asked the Dog for help. Help declined. Bye, bye Ass. Give good advice as you may also have to follow it.

The Sheep-Biter

A Shepherd trusted his dog with the sheep. The dog was caught biting and killing sheep and at sentencing for the crime begged for his life. Dog gone. All criminals must be punished for crimes.

The Sow and The Cat

A Sow and Cat (Dog) were discussing and comparing litters to no avail. But, the Sow got in the last word. One with the last word has the advantage.

The Dog and The Oyster

The Dog ate an Oyster thinking it was an egg. He suffered greatly in his stomach due to this rash action. Dog should have thought before acting. They who act without sufficient thought, will often fall into unsuspected danger.

The Dog’s House

A cold Dog curled up and determined to build a house. But, in the summer the Dog stretched out and considered he did not need a house so it was never built. It’s easy to put off today what can be done tomorrow.

The Dogs and The Fox

Fox found Dogs tearing apart a lion skin. Fox told the Dogs they would have a problem if the Lion were still in the skin. It is easy to kick a man that is down.

A Crow and A Dog

A Crow prayed to Minerva. Dog said that the prayer would not be answered as Minerva disliked crows. The Crow said he would continue to try to befriend. Men turn to religion out of fear or interest instead of affection.

An Old Dog and His Master

An Old Dog complained that as he grew older and more frail the master reproached and beat him more despite a lifetime of service. Rewards do not always accompany a lifetime of good work.

A Gardener and His Dog

 A Dog dropped into a well. When the Master reached in to get the Dog he thought the Master meant to push him further in. Stupid Dog. Benefits are refused by those who don’t understand them.