The Sportsman and The Spaniel

A Hunter and Spaniel were out. The Spaniel sprang both a Snipe and a covey of Partridges. The Hunter fired but missed both in his haste. Too bad! You should never have two aims at once.

The Hounds In Couples

Two Hounds were tied together to hunt. They started to bicker and fuss with each other. The Hunter made it clear they would have to get along to survive. Mutual respect is necessary to matrimonial happiness.

The Farmer and His Dog

A Farmer came home to his child’s cradle overturned; the Dog near and bloody. Farmer killed the Dog then found live child a dead Snake under the cradle. Acting in blind rage is dangerous.

The Spaniel and The Mastiff

A Spaniel was traveling with a Mastiff. Coming into a town the Mastiff growled and the people fell upon both dogs. The Spaniel complained to no avail. You are known by the company you keep.

The Dog and The Crocodile

A Dog ran while lapping at the Nile to avoid Crocodiles. A Crocodile tried to get friendly so the Dog told him why he ran. No meal today Crocodile! Guard against a connection with people of bad character.

The Mastiff And The Curs

A Mastiff and pups were barked at. Pup was enraged and asked why they were allowed to do that. Mastiff said without Curs there would be no Mastiff. Without bad you cannot define good.

The Mastiff and The Goose

A Goose claimed a pond for she and her young and chased all comers. A Mastiff appeared to take a drink and chastised the Goose and got his drink. Use care with bothering those bigger and stronger than you.

The Beggar and His Dog

A Lord’s dependant watched kitchen help give scraps to a Beggar and his Dog. The Beggar divided the leavings much like the Lord divided his castoffs. We are not all that different.

The Gardener and His Landlord

A Gardener rented a garden with a destructive Hare. The Landlord came with friends and Dogs to catch the Hare. In trying they destroyed the garden. Ooops. Be careful what you ask for; people helping can cause more grief than the original problem.

The Sheep and The Dog

Sheep complained they had to pay with wool for their good life but the Dog did not have to pay. Dog pointed out without him Sheep would likely be dead. Consider all before you judge.