Jefferys Taylor

Jefferys Taylor (1792–1853) (often incorrectly cited as Jeffery) is the author of Harry’s Holiday or The Doings of One Who had Nothing to Do, The Little Historians (3 volumes), and Ralph Richards, the Miser in addition to Aesop in Rhyme, with some originals and more. His writings date from the 1820s and were geared toward children.

Jefferys was born at Lavenham in Suffolk on 30 Oct. 1792. He was educated under his father as an engraver, and apprenticed at Lavenham. He possessed considerable inventive faculty, and made a ruling machine for engravers, the sale of which afforded him considerable profit. He is chiefly remarkable for his writings for children, which are very varied in character, sometimes distinguished by much humour and fancy, but sometimes tending to extravagance. In later life he lived at Pilgrim’s Hatch, near Brentwood in Essex. On 20 June 1826 he married Sophia Mabbs of Mount Nessing, Essex, by whom he had a son Edward, who died young. He died at Broadstairs on 8 Oct. 1853. (Wikisource)

Taylor - Aesop in Rhyme 0000In Aesop in Rhyme Jefferys re-wrote 58 of Aesop’s fables in rhyme and then added 13 fables of his own creation. An engraving accompanied each fable, though published on pages near but not necessarily with the fables themselves. These engravings are not credited but it’s likely that Taylor himself drew them given his background.

Taylor RhymesThe 58 of Aesop’s fables are incorporated into the fables on the website as a separate translation with this icon.

The 13 additional fables are listed and linked here in addition to being available as part of the general collection.

  • The Old Woman and the Death-Watch
  • The Donkeys’ Dialogue
  • The Pride of the Cobler’s Dog
  • Peter the Great
  • Edwin
  • The Ass and the Fox
  • The Peach and the Potatoe
  • The Show of Wild Beasts
  • The Shower of Puddings
  • The Dog and the Pitcher
  • The Gold Pin and the Nail
  • The Wasps and the Flies
  • Aesop’s Trial