The Bear and The Two Travelers

Two Travelers agreed to guard each other. A Bear rushed at both and one climbed a tree; the other played dead and the Bear told him to not trust the other. Never trust a friend who leaves you when trouble approaches.

The Hen and The Fox

A fox tried hard to get a roosting Hen out of a tree but the Hen new better than to come down to her doom. Good show. Beware of interested friendships.

Mercury and The Carpenter

A workman lost an axe. Mercury recovered a gold and silver axe which the workman refused. Mercury then recovered the real axe and gave him the others. Truth is the better strategy.

The Lion and The Mouse

A Lion was caught in a net by freed by a Mouse that had, before, bothered the Lion. They became friends. Everyone has need of the other.

The Blind Man and The Lame Man

A Blind Man and Lame Man cooperated to complete a journey. The Blind Man carried the Lame Man who served as the pair’s eyes. Cooperation can be helpful.

A Horse and A Lion

A Lion wanted a Horse for a meal. He tried taking the part of a doctor at a school. When the Horse showed up he saw through the sham and escaped by kicking. Fooling those trying to fool you is beneficial.

The Hare and The Tortoise

A Tortoise and Hare decide to race. The hare is so confident in the lead that he naps while the tortoise keeps going to win. Slow and steady wins the race.

The Frog and The Ox

 A frog inflates itself bragging he can be as big as an ox or bull. Too big, too bad. Pop. Conceit may lead to self-destruction.

The Fox and The Goat

A Goat and Fox went into a deep well to drink. Neither could get out alone. The Goat was talked into helping the Fox who then left the Goat on his own. Look before you leap.

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

A Town and Country Mouse visited each other. The Town Mouse was fed basic food at leisure; the Country Mouse had to run away from fine food. He ran home. Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.