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James Northcote Preface

Following is the Preface from the James Northcote 1828 book of 100 selected fables. An engraving of Northcote and the end engraving are placed on this page for reference. Also, the Northcote fables are sometimes exact copies of translations found in other sources posted on FablesOfAesop. If that’s the case, only the extra comments made […]

Aesop’s Fables Home Page

Throughout history fables have been a popular method of giving instruction. Fables contain a short narrative that seeks to illustrate a hidden message. Generally, fables use animals or objects as part of the narrative yet the message is designed to apply to humans. By doing this, the fabulist is not perceived as the teacher and […]

The Snail and The Drone

A Drone asked a Snail how it had the patience to journey so slowly. The Snail answered that the Drone leaves no mark of its passing. While alive, live well.

The Philosopher and The Parrot

A Philosopher spent all on a talkative Parrot so that the Parrot could teach him things he had never heard from others. Having a free tongue may be more of a hindrance than help.

The Snail and The Butterfly

A Butterfly was seen by a Snail who berated it for its color. Butterfly responded he was colored by nature as are others. The Snail was a foil to this. Don’t reject the ornamental when given by nature.

The Honest Horse

People were heaping false praise on Caligula on a horse. The horse threw him and was raised to high position because of being the only honest one. The honest man carries preference in esteem.

Honour, Prudence, and Pleasure

Honor, Prudence and Pleasure took up together. Pleasure ruined the arrangement and was turned out except for holidays and other events. Luxury is to property, what a plague is to health.

The Parrot

A Parrot from the Indies was made a favorite. Asked why he was treated well, he said that at home he was common; here he was a rarity. The rare may be common and the common may be rare.

The Mountebank and His Dog

A Mountebank traveled the country showing his Dog doing tricks. Epictetus praised these actions as it showed the excellence of learning. Good education is of infinite importance.

The Eagle and The Sycophant-Bird

Eagle attended a concert of birds and screeched in reply. All clapped except a Sycophant who issued false praise the Eagle accepted and others appreciated. The highest art of flattery conveys praise in an indirect manner.