The Swallow and Other Birds

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. A Swallow was warned to eat all sown hemp seeds else they grow up; the fibers woven into a net. Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.

The Spendthrift and The Swallow

A man saw a Swallow early in the season and sold his coat. The weather turned cold again and the man bemoaned that it would kill him and the Swallow. Don’t draw a conclusion based on a single observation.

Two Enemies at Sea

Two enemies were on a ship; one up front, the other in the back. The ship was sinking and the enemy at back was delighted he would see the other sink first. Ultimate satisfaction is seeing your enemy perish before you.

The Blind Man and The Whelp

A blind man was known to identify animals by their young. A whelp of a wolf was presented. He could not say Fox or Wolf but did say to not put with Sheep. Evil tendencies are shown in early life.

The Geese and The Cranes

Geese landed to feed with cranes. When scared, the lighter cranes fled but the geese were caught instead. The more vulnerable need to watch more closely.

The Fowler and The Viper

A man walking and concentrating accidentally stepped on a viper which bit him. Concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of others at your own peril.

An Old Dog and His Master

An Old Dog complained that as he grew older and more frail the master reproached and beat him more despite a lifetime of service. Rewards do not always accompany a lifetime of good work.

Large Promises

A sick Man promises what he doesn’t have to gods. He’s cured, then sent off for treasure. He’s captured and sold as a slave because of unfilled promises. Do not mock the gods.

A Gardener and His Dog

 A Dog dropped into a well. When the Master reached in to get the Dog he thought the Master meant to push him further in. Stupid Dog. Benefits are refused by those who don’t understand them.

The Peasant and The Apple Tree

A Peasant was cutting down an apple tree despite pleas from animals living in it. He stopped when he found a hive with honey. Tree now doing fine! Self-interest alone moves some men.