The Sorceress

A Sorceress entered a wood and said the incantations to bind the whole underworld to her and then asked about her dog. Those called were not impressed.

When using others take into account their needs.

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Night and silence had now given repose to the whole world, when an ill-natured Sorceress, in order to exercise her fearful arts, entered into a gloomy wood, which trembled at her approach. The scene of her horrid incantations was within the circumference of a large circle, in the centre of which an altar was raised, where the hallowed vervain blazed in triangular flames, while the mischievous Hag pronounced the dreadful words which bound all the powers of evil in obedience to her charms. She blows a raging pestilence from her lips into the neighbouring folds, and the innocent cattle die to afford a fit sacrifice to the infernal deities. The moon, by powerful spells drawn down from her orb, enters the wood; legions of Spirits from Pluto’s realms appear before the altar and demand her pleasure. “Tell me,” said she, where shall I find what I have lost, my favourite little dog?” “How!” cried they all, enraged; “impertinent Beldame! Must the order of nature be inverted, and the repose of every creature disturbed for the sake of thy little dog?”