The Hunter, The Fox, and The Tiger

A Hunter dug a pit in front of a Fox’s den and put food in the pit. Fox, suspecting a trick avoided the pit. A Tiger did not and fell in. Hunter surprised!

Look before you leap.

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Hunter, Fox and Tiger

Ernest Griset (1874)

A certain Hunter saw in the middle of a field a Fox, whose skin was so beautiful that he was inspired with a great desire to take him alive. Having this in view, he found out his hole, and just before the entrance to it he dug a large and deep pit, which he covered with slender twigs and straw, and placed a piece of horseflesh in the middle of it. When he had done this he went and hid himself in a corner out of sight, and the Fox, returning to his hole and smelling the flesh, ran up to see what dainty morsel it was. When he came to the pit he would fain have tasted the meat, but fearing some trick he refrained from doing so, and retreated into his hole. Presently up came a hungry Tiger, who being tempted by the smell and appearance of the horseflesh, sprang in haste to seize it, and tumbled into the pit. The Hunter, hearing the noise made by the Tiger in falling, ran up and jumped into the pit without looking into it, never doubting that it was the Fox that had fallen in. But there, to his surprise, he found the Tiger, which quickly tore him in pieces and devoured him.