The Gourd and The Pine

A Gourd grew and covered a Pine tree and then started to brag how beautiful it was. The Pine mentioned that he’s still be there after winter. Gourd won’t.

Sturdy and long-lasting beats out beauty.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

A Gourd was planted close beside a large, well-spread Pine. The season was kindly, and the Gourd shot itself up in a short time, climbing by the boughs and twining about them, till it topped and covered the tree itself. The leaves were large, and flowers and fruit fair, insomuch that the Gourd, comparing itself with the Pine, had the confidence to value itself above it upon the comparison. “Why,” said the Gourd, “you have been more years growing to this stature than I have been days.” “Well,” replied the Pine, “but after the many winters and summers that I have endured, the many blasting colds and parching heats, you see me the very same thing that I was so long ago. But when you once come to the proof, the first blight or frost shall most infallibly bring down that pride of yours, and strip you of all your glory.”