Aesop and His Fellow Servants

Aesop and fellow servants readied for a trip. Aesop took the heaviest load: bread. Over time the bread was eaten and Aesop’s load reduced. Smart!

Be smart in how you select jobs.

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Aesop and Fellow ServantsA Merchant, who was at one time Aesop’s master, ordered all things to be got ready for an intended journey. When the burdens were being shared among the Servants, Aesop requested that he might have the lightest. He was told to choose for himself, and he took up the basket of bread. The other Servants laughed, for that was the largest and heaviest of all. When dinnertime came, Aesop, who had with some difficulty sustained his load, was told to distribute an equal share of bread all round. He did so, and this lightened his burden one half; and when supper-time arrived he got rid of the rest. For the remainder of the journey he had nothing but the empty basket to carry, and the other Servants, whose loads seemed to get heavier and heavier at every step, could not but applaud his ingenuity.