The Goat and The Ass

A Goat envied an Ass for the extra food. Goat advised the Ass to fall to get some rest from work. The Ass did but the lungs of a Goat healed him. Oooops!

Beware of envy.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A man once kept a Goat and an Ass. The Goat, envying the Ass on account of his greater abundance of food, said, “How shamefully you are treated: at one time grinding in the mill, and at another carrying heavy burdens”; and he further advised him to pretend to be epileptic and fall into a ditch and so obtain rest. The Ass listened to his words, and falling into a ditch, was very much bruised. His master, sending for a leech, asked his advice. He bade him pour upon the wounds the lungs of a Goat. They at once killed the Goat, and so healed the Ass.

1001Capra et Asinus

Asinum una et capram nutriebat quidam. Capra vero, escam asino invidens abundantem, suggessit ei ut graviter a domino, modo molens, modo onera ferens, plecteretur, ac simul consuluit ut, comitiali simulato morbo, in foveam aliquam decidens, dulci otio et requie frueretur. Caprae dictis asinus parens, in foveam se deiecit, eoque lapsu contritus est. Tunc herus vocatum medicum, ut asino opitularetur, rogavit. Ille caprae pulmonem infundere iussit eoque pacto sanatum iri asinum. Nec mora, capra mactata, asinum sanavere.


Qui aliis insidias struit, sibi ipsi est malorum auctor.

Perry #279