The Thief and The Boy

A Thief met a boy by a well who said he lost silver down the well. The Thief undressed and jumped into the well to steal it. Done; boy and clothes gone.

Every tale is not to be believed.

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A Boy sat weeping upon the side of a well. A Thief happening to come by just at the same time, asked him why he wept. The Boy, sighing and sobbing, showed a bit of cord, and said that a silver tankard had come off from it, and was now at the bottom of the well. The Thief pulled off his clothes and went down into the well, meaning to keep the tankard for himself. Having groped about for some time without finding it, he came up again, and found not only the Boy gone, but his 0wn clothes also, the dissembling rogue having made off with them.

[Note: This fable is similar in nature to The Thief and The Innkeeper but not close enough to be put on the same page.]

1001Fur et Puer

Puer sedebat, flens, apud puteum. Fur causam flendi rogat; puer dicit, fune rupto, urnam auri incidisse in aquas. Homo se exuit, insilit in puteum, quaerit. Vase non invento, conscendit atque ibi nec invenit puerum, nec suam tunicam, quippe puer, tunica sublata, fugerat.


Interdum falluntur, qui solent fallere.

Perry #581