The Lion and The Hare

A Lion was about to eat a Hare when a Stag comes by. The Lion decides to chase the Stag but never catches it. The Hare was gone with the Lion came back.

Take the opportunity at hand.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A lion came across a Hare, who was fast asleep. He was just in the act of seizing her, when a fine young Hart trotted by, and he left the Hare to follow him. The Hare, scared by the noise, awoke and scudded away. The Lion was unable after a long chase to catch the Hart, and returned to feed upon the Hare. On finding that the Hare also had run off, he said, “I am rightly served, for having let go of the food that I had in my hand for the chance of obtaining more.”

1001Leo, Lepus, et Cerva

Leo, dormientem leporem nactus, confestim eum devorare parabat. Cervam interim praetereuntem conspicatus, relicto lepore, eam persequi coepit. Lepus interea, strepitu excitatus, inde fugam abripuit. Leo autem, postquam cervam longe est insecutus nec eam adsequi potuit, ad leporem reversus est. Sed eum quoque fuga elapsum cum reperisset, “Ego mehercule digna patior,” inquit, “quia, paratam in manibus escam reiiciens, incertam volui spem sequi.”

Perry #148