The Bull and The Calf

A Bull was trying to fit through a narrow passage to his stall when a Calf offers to lead the way. The Bull, being stubborn, said he knew the way.

Some people just won’t change.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A bull was striving with all his might to squeeze himself through a narrow passage which led to his stall. A young Calf came up, and offered to go before and show him the way by which he could manage to pass. “Save yourself the trouble,” said the Bull; “I knew that way long before you were born.”

1001Taurus et Vitulus

Cum taurus, in aditu angusto cornibus luctans, vix intrare posset ad praesepia, vitulus monstrabat quo pacto se flecteret. “Tace,” taurus inquit; “hoc novi ante quam tu natus es.”

Perry #531