The Ass and The Horse

The Ass asked the eating Horse for some food. The Horse said to come by the stable later for a full bag of food. The Ass refused as he did not believe him.

Without charity in the present, don’t expect charity in the future.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

An ass besought a Horse to spare him a small portion of his feed. “Yes,” said the Horse; “if any remains out of what I am now eating I will give it you for the sake of my own superior dignity, and if you will come when I reach my own stall in the evening, I will give you a little sack full of barley.” The Ass replied, “Thank you. But I can’t think that you, who refuse me a little matter now. will by and by confer on me a greater benefit.”

1001Equus, Asinus, et Hordeum

Equum cum rogaret asinus parum sibi hordei dare, “Libenter,” inquit, “si possem, et pro dignitate nostra large tribuerem. Sed cum venerimus ad praesepia vespere, dabo tibi folliculum plenum farre.” Et asellus, “Qui rem tam parvam negas, quid in maiori te facturum existimem?”


Fabula scripta est eis qui cum magna promittunt, parva negant; est in dando nolens tenax in pollicitando.

Perry #571