The Ass Carrying The Image

An Ass carrying a sacred Image through town thought all the bowing was for him instead of the Image. His Master set him straight with a well placed whip. They are not wise who give to themselves the credit due to others.

The Playful Ass

An Ass started to play on the roof and broke tiles. The Owner beat him. The Ass thought it strange he could not do with yesterday a Monkey did. People that live by example need to look closely at the example they are following.

The Ass, The Cock, and The Lion

A cock scares a Lion away; the Ass thinks it was his bray that did it and chases after. Too bad for the Ass. False confidence often leads into danger.

The Wild Ass and The Lion

The lion allied with other animals to hunt so that more prey could be caught. When it came time to divide the spoils the lion made it clear all was his. Might makes right.

The Salt Merchant and His Ass

A Salt Merchant loaded an Ass who slipped in water. Load lightened, second time the Ass fell on purpose. Third time Merchant loaded sponges. Water is heavy. You can fool someone only so many times.

The Lion, Ass and Fox

An Ass and a Fox partnered but when a Lion came the Fox said he would lead the Ass to a pit for the Lion. Lion agreed. Fox did it. Lion killed Fox first. We love treason, but hate the traitor.

The Ass and The Grasshopper

An Ass liked the melody of a Grasshopper. The Ass asked about food thinking it gave the song. Dew was the answer. Ass ate nothing but and died of hunger. Don’t ignore your own needs.