The Ass and His Driver

An Ass being driven on a road veered toward a cliff. The Driver tried to stop the Ass but could not and had to let the Ass drop. Too bad for the Ass. You can’t always stop a fool.

The Ass and The Charger

An Ass bemoaned his treatment compared with a horse. The horse was taken into battle and died. The Ass thought better of his previous opinion. Be content with your station.

The Mules and The Robbers

One mule carried treasure proudly; one carried grain. Robbers beset them and noticed the proud mule. They took the treasure and wounded the mule. Other OK. Flaunt wealth and thieves will know you have wealth.

The Horse and The Ass

A Horse met an Ass on the road and demanded he move aside. The Ass complied but was delighted later to find the horse lame and abused along the same road. Better humble security than gilded danger.

The Fly and The Draught-Mule

A Fly sat atop a Mule and said he should go faster or the Fly would bite him. The Mule did not care as he only answered to his driver. Ignore complainers who have no influence.

The Goat and The Ass

A Goat envied an Ass for the extra food. Goat advised the Ass to fall to get some rest from work. The Ass did but the lungs of a Goat healed him. Oooops! Beware of envy.

A Galled Ass and A Raven

An Ass with an open sore had a Raven pick at the sore. The groom laughed. A passing Wolf noted if he had done that, he would be killed. Injustice!!! Not everyone is treated alike.

An Ass, An Ape, and A Mole

An Ass and an Ape were complaining about what they did not have. A Mole pointed out that their complaint was minor compared with his lack of sight. Be thankful for what nature has given you.

A Wild Ass and A Tame

A Wild Ass envied the pasture and care given a Tame Ass until, one day, he came upon the Tame Ass pulling a cart and being whipped. Wild savored freedom. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

An Ass and An Ungrateful Master

A long-serving Ass finally tripped and fell. His Master beat him unmercifully. Too bad for the Ass to have such an uncaring Master. Rewards do not always accompany a lifetime of good work.