The Stag in The Ox-Stall

A stag, fleeing, hid in a stable by burying itself in the hay. Stag left a horn showing and the Master saw. No more stag. Nothing escapes the master’s eye.

The Old Woman and The Wine-Jar

An Old Woman who liked wine found a wine jug by the road. She hoped it was full but it wasn’t. At least she got good memories through sniffing the jug. The memory of a good deed lives.

A Man Bitten By The Dog

A Man bitten by a Dog was advised to feed the Dog bread soaked in the wound. Others pointed out what a bad idea it was to give the Dogs an appetite for Man. It is unwise to reward when one should punish.

The Man and His Two Wives

A man had two wives; one older and one younger. Being vain, the younger pulled white hairs from the man’s head and the older pulled dark. He went bald. Yield to all and you will soon have nothing to yield.

The Countryman and The Snake

A Man’s Son stepped on a Snake who bit and killed him. The Man cut the tail off the Snake which then went after the Man’s Cattle. No truce could be had. Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.

The Lion in Love

A Lion was so in love that he let the family take away all his defenses. He probably erred; in one version he dies. Love can blind even the wildest

The Miser and His Gold

A miser tried to hide his gold but a thief saw where and took the gold. Too bad. Wealth not used is wealth that does not exist.

The Father, His Sons, and The Bundle of Sticks

Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken. Same applies to people. There is strength in union.