The Fowler and The Wolf

A Fowler shot at a Wolf from afar with only bird shot. Wolf got mad. Good-bye Fowler! If you engage in folly you are likely to pay the price.

The Placeman and The Husbandman

A Placeman met a Peasant and asked why the Peasant did not flatter to advance. The Peasant asked why not work and get out of the slavery of the mind. Prize only honors which man can neither give nor take away.

The Congregation of Pious Animals

The animals met to offer acknowledgments to Jupiter for the endowments. Jupiter said it wasn’t needed to recite what he already knew and had given them. The pious should avoid vanity and self-opinion.

The Judicious Elephant

A Wolf and Leopard gave Horse their prey to hold. A Fox talked the Horse out of it. An Elephant decided that all three had to claim the prize. Not likely. In doubtful and intricate cases, discrimination and solidity of judgment are required.

The Willow and The Lake

A Willow asked the Lake why it, on one day be placid and reflect all things but on another day be roiled and an instrument of mischief. No answer. Do as few things as possible that you might have to repent.

The Complainer

An Complainer blamed all ills on Adam. The Lord of the Manor gave him good life so long as he avoided one dish. He didn’t, and could no longer blame Adam. It’s easy to blame others; hard to take blame.

Epictetus In The Fur Shop

Epictetus picked a fur coat with rare lynx on one side and lamb on the other. He wore the coat with the lamb showing. That way he could appear common. For advantage hide things you don’t want known.

The Philosopher and Sheet of Paper

A Philosopher thought about a used sheet of paper and what it might have contained. Used, however, it was only useful or burning. Make certain your first impressions are good ones.

The Goat And The Fox

A Goat and Fox argued. Goat bet its beard it was right. It was wrong and a Monkey shaved the beard and gave it to the Fox. Have honor and pay your debts.

The Unlucky Dog

A starving Dog took a piece of meat. The owner called “mad dog” after it and the crowds killed it out of ignorance. Make the punishment fit the crime.