The Man and The Weasel

A Man caught a Weasel who pled for his life based on his catching Mice for the Man. In truth, the Weasel caught mice for his own needs/pleasure. To bad.

Some take credit for things they do for themselves.

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A Man caught a Weasel, and was about to kill it. The little animal prayed earnestly for his life. “You will not be so unkind, “said he to the Man,” as to slay a poor creature who kills your Mice for you?” “For me!” answered the Man; “that’s a good joke. For me, you say, as if you did not catch them more for your own pleasure than for my profit. And in respect of eating and gnawing my victuals, you know that you do as much harm as the Mice themselves. You must make some better excuse than that, before I shall feel inclined to spare you” Having said this, he strangled the Weasel without more ado.

1001Mustela et Homo

Mustela, dum apprehenderet mures, ab homine capitur. Illa vero cum fugere vellet, “Rogo,” inquit, “O homo, ut parcas mihi, quia ex molestis sueta sum domum tuam expurgare.” At ille “Non causa,” inquit, “mea haec facis; nam gratam te haberem, si pro me fecisses, veniamque promeruisses; sed ideo mures necas ut comedas reliquias nostras quas illi fuerant rosuri, et tu totum devores omniaque tecum deportes. Nolo mihi deputes beneficium.” Dixit, sicque morti tradidit.


Qui simulatorie famulatur, male remuneratur.

Perry #293