The Dog and The Crocodile

A Dog ran while lapping at the Nile to avoid Crocodiles. A Crocodile tried to get friendly so the Dog told him why he ran. No meal today Crocodile!

Guard against a connection with people of bad character.

Dog and Crocodile

Ernest Griset (1874)

A Dog, running along the banks of the Nile, grew thirsty, but fearing to be seized by the monsters of that river, he would not stop to satiate his drought, but lapped as he ran. A Crocodile, raising his head above the surface of the water, asked him why he was in such a hurry? He had often, he said, wished for his acquaintance, and should be glad to embrace the present opportunity. “You do me great honour,” said the Dog, “but it is to avoid such companions as you that I am in so much haste.” We can never be too carefully guarded against a connection with persons of bad character.