The Ass and The Gardener

A Ass was searching for his tail near a garden. The Gardener, thinking about his plants, cut off both of the Ass’s ears. Shouldn’t have wandered about.

He who takes no reason for his guide gets into trouble.

An Ass had lost his tail, which was a grievous affliction to him; and as he went about looking for it, he happened to pass through a meadow and a garden. But the Gardener seeing him, and believing that he came to trample over his garden and feast on his vegetables, fell into a violent rage; and running up to the Ass, cut off both his ears with his pruning-knife. Thus the Ass, who bemoaned the loss of his tail, was in far greater astonishment when he found himself without ears. Thus, whoever he be who takes not reason for his guide wanders about and gets into trouble.