A Stag and A Lion

A deer being chased tries to hide in a cave with a lion in it. Bad move. Bye, bye deer.

Everything, including death, can be done easy or hard.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection (The Deer and The Lion)

A Deer being hard pressed by the Hounds, found a cave, into which he rushed for safety. An immense Lion, couched at the farther end of the cave, sprang upon him in an instant. “Unhappy creature that I am!” exclaimed the Stag, in his dying moments. “I entered this cave to escape the pursuit of men and Dogs, and I have fallen into the jaws of the most terrible of wild beasts.”

L'Estrange VersionL’Estrange version

A stag that was close pursu’d by huntsmen, fled for safety into a lyons den; and as he was just expiring under the paw of the lyon: Miserable creature that I am, says he, to fly for protection from men, to the most unmerciful of beasts!


There are harder and gentler wayes, even of ruine it selfe; as ’tis common we see for men under a capital sentence to petition even for the change of the death.

Crane Poetry VisualCrane Poetry Visual

[Note: This version is slightly different in that the deer doesn’t know the lion is there but similar enough to add here.]

Deer and Lion

From the hounds the swift
Deer sped away,
To his cave, where in past time he lay
Well concealed; unaware
Of a Lion couched there,
For a spring that soon made him his prey.

Fate can meet as well as follow.

1001Cerva in Speluncam Fugiens

Cerva, venatores fugiens, in speluncam quamdam, ubi leo degebat, pervenit ut in ea nimirum ingressa lateret. Sed illico ab eo comprehensa necique parata, “Ah me infelicem,” exclamavit, “quae fugiens homines, ferae me tradidi!”


Ita nonnulli hominum, minoribus periculis territi, maiora se in mala coniiciunt.

Perry #076